Celebrations of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba Birthday

Om Sai Ram

We had an early celebration of Swami’s 91st birthday here at Sai Grace on the 6th of November 2016.
Sai Grace welcomed the participants with the autumn colours and the leaves gently falling, for another special occasion to be lived and shared together.
After group bhajans and prasadam tea, we all went back into the temple and to our delight and joy discovered that Swami had made a vibhuti OM on His Birthday Robe I had laid out for the occasion.
The joy on everyone's face was priceless and we fell at Swami's Feet in deep gratitude.

Thank you Bhagawan we love you Bhagawan.
Sai love and blessings to you all from Sai Grace Ashram.

Rev Leonora

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