Laksharchana at Sai Grace Ashram, 20 August 2017

On Sunday the 20th of August, Sai Grace was shining with added joy and luster to welcome Mr Vadgama, Ms Denise Furet and all the devotees gathered for the Laksharchana.
A beautiful sunny day welcomed the heart and souls coming from all over UK and abroad to recite and sing the Name of the Lord.

Uncle Vadgama and Denise

Reverend Leonora van Gils welcomed everybody and specially Mr Vadgama who, after having been unwell for a while, was not supposed to be personally present on the day but, through a divine dream, to the joy of one and all, was pushed back on his feet and sent to pray with Reverend Leonora and all the devotees.

Rev Leonora van Gils

Bhajans were sung with joyful love and devotion by the devotees and Sonja Venturi joined as well, leading a few bhajans with great enthusiasm.

Sonja Venturi

The Laksharchana was followed by prasadam lunch and satsang with Mr Vadgama. Once he stood up from his chair, just behind where he was sitting, vibhooti manifested on Swami’s picture.

The athmospere was absolutely blissfull and filled with love, Mr Vadgama distributed vibhooti packets to all the attendees and at about 5 p.m. everybody left with smiling faces and gratitude for having shared such a blessed day.

Uncle Vadgama and Rev Leonora van Gils

With Sai love and blessings from Reverend Leonora van Gils and the Sai Grace team