Laksharchana at Sai Grace Ashram, 01 October 2016

Nearly fifthy Sai devotees gathered at Sai Grace Ashram to perform the Laksharchana conducted by Mr Vadgama, on the auspicious occasion of the beginning of the Navarathri Celebrations.
Devotees from all over UK and a group of Italians, came to praise the Lord.
Despite the weather forecast expecting heavy rains, the gracious Lord of all elements, welcomed the participants with a bright Sun and the first drop of rain started to fall only after the last person had arrived. For this special occasion the event was celebrated in the sitting room and conservatory transformed into a temple by Rev Leonora.

After a quick lunch for Mr Vadgama and his team, the event started with bhajans offered by the local group of devotees and devotional singer Sergio Vigagni, who joyfully sang their hearts out to Swami, before Mr Vadgama started the Laksharchana.


The malas started with intense devotion and concentration and everybody felt the energy rising.
After a few malas, devotional singer Sonja Venturi sang a few well known bhajans, which everybody joined in with enthusiasm.
After the end of the proceedings the athmosphere was simply divine, prasad dinner was offered and the already joyful athmosphere became enthusiastic, when holy vibhooti appeared on Swami’s golden chair.

The grateful group of devotees, gathered once again in the temple room to chant vedas and express their gratitude to the Lord.

Smiles, joy and divine feelings, permeated the hearts of one and all, as they left Sai Grace, blessed again by adundant “Sai Grace”.

God-bye from Rev Leonora van Gils and Sai Grace Ashram